Programming and Languages

Autumn 2018

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This is an introductory programming course for students of the M.Sc. DSBA programme at CentraleSupélec/ESSEC Business School. The objective of this course is to serve as an introduction to computer programming in C and Python for students with limited prior exposure. The primary focus will be on analytical thinking and problem solving, with an added focus on the languages C and Python, as well as planning and organising computer programs. The language of instruction shall be English.

Syllabus.   Topics covered include

A lecture-plan will be given soon.

Schedule.   The tentative schedule for the course is as follows.

27/08/2018 Monday 16h30 to 19h30
04/09/2018 Tuesday 16h30 to 19h30
05/09/2018 Wednesday 16h30 to 19h30
18/09/2018 Tuesday 16h30 to 19h30
19/09/2018 Wednesday 16h30 to 19h30
21/09/2018 Friday 16h30 to 19h30
26/09/2018 Wednesday 16h30 to 19h30
28/09/2018 Friday 16h30 to 19h30

The second half of some classes will be lab sessions of one and a half hours, where students will be encouraged to write code in class. In these sessions, students will be encouraged to try varied things to attack given problems.

Requirements.   There are no hard-and-fast requirements for this course. However, you are expected to have knowledge of basic algebra, Cartesian geometry, and calculus. Some knowledge of Logic is a plus.

Evaluation.   Students will be graded based on given homeworks, which they will submit by a given deadline.

Suggested Reading.   These books are suggested reading, but are not necessary for the course, given the amount of time we have. However, if you are really interested in programming, then you are encouraged to go through these books thoroughly.